Polished Concrete

Make any room shine with polished concrete




Concrete polishing was primarily used in industrial and commercial applications in the past. However in recent years many people have started to use it in the residential and retail sectors due to its many benefits. Not only does polished concrete flooring look great but it also helps reduce maintenance costs and the time to actually clean the floors.  Concrete polishing helps by sealing and hardening the concrete from within with a densifier, which also helps reduce dust. The increased floor reflection even helps with lighting as it helps reduce the amount of light needed to light a space.

How does concrete polishing work?

Polished concrete flooring is achieved through a number of steps. The process begins with cutting the concrete with an aggressive diamond embedded tool until an even cut, called a “scratch pattern” is produced. Once complete, we then densify the concrete using a sodium or lithium silicate to strengthen the concrete surface. Next we begin the polishing of the concrete by starting with the highest level grit and working our way up to a smoother level.  The polishing continues until the desired level of shine is achieved.

Benefits of polished concrete include:

  • Durability

  • Low maintenance

  • Repair and reuse of old slabs

  • Improved reflectivity

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